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In his 15 years of coaching youth and high school athletics, Reflexx owner and creator William Thigpen saw an advantage to training speed, agility and reaction time at a younger age. As he searched for a system to fit this need, he discovered that the reaction light training systems on the market were pricey and somewhat complex to use. He envisioned a training system that was easy to use, economical and therefore accessible to coaches and players at every level of play.


This vision led to the creation of Reflexx.


From inception, the objective was to create a platform for reaction light training that is design driven, accessible to all levels of training and free from current trends.  Reflexx is redefining the market by creating a system that is uncomplicated and functional instead of relying on added features, accessories and gadgetry.  At the forefront of this vision is to showcase the talents of a wide array of athletes and trainers, from novice to professional.  We strive to push the boundaries of traditional training methods and inspire creative excellence.

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