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Agility Training Equipment

Improve Your On Field Performance with Our Agility Training Equipment

How do you take your team to the next level? Agility training equipment does not have to be bulky or overly expensive. The Reflexx RLT system uses battery operated lights and some basic programming to create different challenges for your crew every day. The goal is to tap the light in order to allow the next one to illuminate. Use the timer to push your athletes to the next level or simply leave the speed at the original setting and use repetition to create positive muscle memory.


Set the lights on available tripods at the perfect height for each runner, place them on the ground, or mount them on the wall. Add extra lights to the system when you want to work on complicated running patterns. Set the lights on opposite ends of obstacles and add a timing element to the completion of the challenge. The possibilities are endless. Click and order your Reflexx system today.

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