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Reflexx Version 2.0 includes: 5 lights, controller, carrying case, charger, 5 gripster tripods


- Expanded time options from .5 seconds to 7.0 seconds

- Prolonged use:  battery life extended to 10 hours or 10 days

- Efficiency:  able to charge all lights simultaneously with one charger.  Charge time is reduced to 3 hours.

- Functionality:  lights will operate in direct sunlight.  

- Proximity sensor can detect movement up to one inch away.  User can simply swipe to activate light.

- Durability:  lights can withstand up to 400 pounds of force

- Moisture resistant

Reflexx RLT 2.0 with five gripster triPods

  • Note: All shipments originate from the USA and may incur duties/taxes based upon country of receipt. Customer is responsible for all additional charges. Failure to accept and decline a shipment will result in a reduction of any allowable refund to account for shipping cost and cost of return

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