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Reaction Speed Training

Step Lightly when You Use Reaction Speed Training

Whether you are dribbling down the court and trying to avoid your opponent or attempting to fool the defense with a new route, fast footwork is essential. Reaction speed training uses a set of five lights as targets and a random program to improve your mental and physical responses to changes on the field of play. Set them up in a line and work your side steps or place them in a circle challenging you to keep an eye on the entire field. Tap the lights before the alarm sounds or simply swipe one to light up the next one in the program.


The lights can be mounted on the walls of the gym, on an adjustable tripod, or on the ground at your feet. The Reflexx RLT System uses long-lasting rechargeable batteries, so you can hit the practice field for hours every day. Click or call today to learn about pricing and shipping options.

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