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Speed Training Equipment

Speed Training Equipment Helps the Whole Team to Score Big

Whether you have a youth soccer league, high school team heading to State, or a collegiate track & field team to train, speed training equipment can help turn them into winners. The Reflexx RLT system uses wireless technology, rechargeable batteries, and a flexible light system to challenge your athletes to go faster, respond, and react during meaningful workouts. The five lights can be programmed to illuminate at a set speed in line or randomly light up. The athlete brushes or taps the light to start the next segment of the program. Set them as far apart as necessary to push the players toward their next goal.


Add a set of tripods and mounting brackets to your order and place the lights at the perfect height needed to make the athlete reach, jump, or swipe the light fixture. Place them on the ground for footwork challenges. Click or call to place your order today.

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