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Reaction Light Training System




Improved visual response

How do you pick up your feet faster or learn to spot a target downfield in a blink? Using reaction training lights like the Reflexx RLT system help you to hone your skills on the track or field by challenging your visual and athletic responses. Set out a grid of our lights, set the program, and move from light to light, tapping out as you go. Over time, your feet will move faster, your visual reactions will improve, and key skills will be honed through repetition.

Reflexx RLT will help to improve your quick twitch muscles.


Add a set of these lights to your gym, school team equipment bag, or even your backyard training ground. With a programmable remote you can set the delay between lights at the speed of your choice. The set of lights can be mounted on the wall, the ground, or on a post! Click to learn more about this cutting edge training technology today.

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